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Why I Consider Kyrie Irving As My Idol

Why I Consider Kyrie Irving As My Idol

Playing basketball has become part of Filipino culture. When we were younger, we would improvise rings and play with our friends every afternoon after school. It all started with a dream. Then, mimicry. I have only experienced this kind of idolization once – with NBA superstar Kyrie Irving.

Irving uses flashy moves and dribble techniques. And, I would replicate that to outscore the other team and receive a huge percentage to win the game. However, if you’re wondering why I consider Kyrie Irving as my idol despite seeing more NBA superstars play better than him… I don’t have a definite answer.

Kyrie Irving has become an inspiration to me, especially when I play basketball.

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Kyrie Irving

Just to give a quick overview of his life, Kyrie was born on March 23, 1992. His American parents Drederick and Elizabeth Irving used to live in Melbourne, Australia. He has two sisters, Asia and London. According to Famous People, Irving saw inspiration to play because of his father who used to be a professional basketball player.

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Thanks to his father’s encouragement and enthusiasm, Kyrie remained engaged in athletics during his high school years. He attended Montclair Kimberley Academy before transferring to St. Patrick High School where he excelled as a basketball player.

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Then, in 2011 NBA Selections, he became the first overall choice because of his amazing basketball skills. He even won an NBA title and played for the United States National Team where he helped capture the gold medal at the 2016 Summer Olympics.

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I idolize Kyrie Irving because of how he handles the challenges every time he faces a strong team.

His coordination with his teammates gives a great impact on my eyes. When the time comes that I am facing a difficulty in life, I always keep in my mind that I can do anything – that I should just trust the process, that I should remember to never give up.

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