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Trust the Process, self

Trust the Process, self

In the middle of a busy schedule, one random thought struck you, is it all worth it? Why do you do these things, and for what? Most importantly, for whom? How can I trust the process?

What do you mean when you trust the process

Trusting the process means that you are believing that everything that happens is part of this journey called life. Trusting in this helps you calm and less anxious about what the future holds. It also helps you to choose your battles, exerting energy and efforts on where you think that energy is most needed. Believing that this process is a path, a journey.  That is why you should always be willing to face everything that you encounter. For you believe that it will lead to something good.

But nobody said it was easy. 

These events, either good or bad, will help you grow and mature. You just have to let life happen and trust the process. If you let yourself be eaten with negative thoughts because of bad events, you are limiting yourself, making yourself stagnant. As you accept those bad things that happen, you are making yourself open to other possibilities. Life isn’t always the way up. Sometimes it has to come down. Like an ECG machine in hospitals. if it is just a line, it means that the person is dead. If life doesn’t have ups and downs, it has no life.

A Story

One episode of How I Met Your Mother narrates this concept beautifully. The episode starts with Ted and Robin rushing to the airport, trying to catch a flight to Chicago, where he has an important job interview. But they reached the gate but are a few moments late. Frustratingly, they recount the events that lead to their tardiness. So if you haven’t seen this episode yet, kindly skip to the end. 

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Moreover, after recounting the steps, Ted realizes that it is his own fault they missed the flight. It was him. If he hadn’t picked up a penny, he and Robin wouldn’t have gone to get hot dogs. And they wouldn’t have stumbled upon the wedding dress store, Lily wouldn’t have wanted to camp out there, and Robin wouldn’t have needed a nap at Ted’s apartment the next day. Marshall wouldn’t have broken his toe. Barney wouldn’t have run the marathon. He wouldn’t have jumped that turnstile to save Barney, gotten arrested, or had that court date. And they would have made their flight. They cannot find any other available seats.

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Lessons and Realizations

As Ted shares this story with his future kids, he realizes that if he were on the plane on time, he would have made it to his interview and would’ve gotten the job. This would have caused him to move to Chicago for good and never would have met their mother. So Ted, just let things go trusted the process.

It’s crazy how things work out. So if you’re feeling stuck, it is okay to take a step back, rest, and continue going through after. In the middle of everything, continue holding on, and never give up. Trust the process. As cliche as it sounds, it is true. Believe that a good thing will happen. Semper ad meliora. As you believe and trust in life’s mysterious ways, it will give back your power on the choices you made. A step closer to knowing yourself.

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