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New Year will be prosperous according to these Filipino traditions

New Year will be prosperous according to these Filipino traditions

New Year is another holiday people love to celebrate after Christmas. Who would not? When it’s the best time we yearn to have a better life and a better version of ourselves.

Funnily enough, while Filipinos are the definition of dreams achieved through aspiration, we are also the best believers of superstitions. Beliefs turn to practice, eventually our tradition, until they are established in the deepest roots of our culture. And that has become the case during every New Year!

Perhaps, it is not a pure chance that you are reading this. Just in case, you have nothing to lose but everything to gain. Welcome your 2022 with these recollected New Year traditions:

Displaying 12 round fruits

One of the struggles of every mother in charge of ‘media noche’ is accomplishing 12 round fruits displayed. Even with the spike in price of these products, it should happen at all cost. Each fruit represents the months there is annually, so it is said to secure one’s luck for the coming year.

Eating pancit

Depending on our liking, there is a variety of food to possibly offer for a festive New Year preparation. But in every household’s menu, pancit is a one steady course that cannot go missing! Be it canton or bihon, all kinds and taste are welcomed inasmuch as it is long, to signify a long-lasting life.

Jumping right at 12 am

Jumping is a common gesture we do when we feel so happy, we want to be active. But when talking about New Year, it means more than just that. As we have probably been reminded during our childhood, springing up with your great force can make you taller, the elder says.

Keeping all doors and windows open

For security purposes, we always want to shut the entrances and exits of our home. Yet, that logic is suspended every eve of December 31st. On contrary, opening all doors and windows is a must. By doing this, it is believed that you allow your home to welcome the coming of good luck.

Making loud noises

Silence has no place during New Year’s Eve. Otherwise, you’ll get a good smack from your mom for befriending ‘malas.’ Why? Because the best way to drive away bad luck according to superstition is by making a loud noise. Thus, it explains why clangor for once is a form of peace, not a disturbance.

Paying off all debts

Of course, you should not wait until New Year to pay off the money you owe other people. Pay as early as you can! But as the tradition says, you must stay free of any debt before the year ends. That is if you want to have a good financial status for the rest of the coming year.

Preparing sticky foods or ‘malagkit’

‘Kakanin’ for Filipinos is prepared for all season, even more as our classic ‘meryenda’ or ‘panghimagas.’ However, these sticky foods also come in demand especially in New Year. Similar to their glutinous texture, they are said to represent how families will bond closer and ‘stick together.’

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Spreading coins around the house

As a child, were you among the kids who lined up whenever a neighbor initiates a ‘paranggaw?’ I’m pretty sure you are. It’s a common Filipino practice during New Year and it’s beyond just the spirit of giving. Coins symbolize wealth, so having them spread anywhere presumably attracts abundance.

Wearing polka dots

If you went around markets during holidays, surely you will notice stores having clothes with dot patterns. They are common and it is no coincidence! Dots resemble the shape of the clinking coins. Hence, it is believed that wearing garments designed with polka dots will manifest prosperity.

Happy New Year 2022!

Our time has been tough and challenging with the crisis remaining unbeaten still due to the pandemic. We have compromised a lot and changed a lot― including the definition of peace, contentment, and happiness that is very unlike the way it was before.

But despite the burden we carry, we have the choice to rest our shoulders. Feel the pain and sadness but do not let go of the chances to feel free and savor being happy. It is indeed bad times, but goodness always lies in you.

Your outlook is your own luck, never forget that. From us here at Village Pipol, Happy New Year!

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