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Why Tanay Rizal is the Perfect Getaway You’ve Been Looking For

Why Tanay Rizal is the Perfect Getaway You’ve Been Looking For

When you think of Tanay, Rizal, you might think of nature-related places like Daranak Falls or the Daraitan river. But the thing with Tanay is it has more than what social media advertisements can offer. If you’re still curious to find the perfect getaway from all your stress, here are some places that you should give a go!

Tanay Treasure Mountain

Because of its tranquility and calm, Treasure Mountain is the best place to unwind. It is highly advised for anyone who wants to see the sea of clouds, a breathtaking sunrise, or who wants to have a different kind of nightlife by stargazing. Additionally, it is only a few hours from Metro Manila and is easily accessible by private vehicles.

Regina Rica

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Regina Rica is a 13.5-hectare pilgrimage site that is frequented by followers from all over the world. It is a place of prayer and reflection.

I had another opportunity to travel to the modest province thanks to one of those Rizal photo walks. Due to its proximity to Manila, Rizal has long been a popular destination for short getaways. Charming eateries like the Crescent Moon Cafe are plentiful there. Pinto Art Museum and Nemiranda Arthouse are two excellent options for art lovers in Rizal. The Angono Petroglyphs, which are prehistoric images carved in a rock shelter, which are regarded as the oldest piece of art in the Philippines, can even be found here. Adventurers are undoubtedly looking for the mountains in Rizal. 

Daranak and Batlag Water Falls

Daranak Falls is the ideal location for a tranquil nature outing. The peace of the location provides unmatched comfort. Inviting the soul to enjoy the surroundings and simply lose themselves in time, the sound of the waters relentlessly pouring down, the chirping of the birds, and the wind blowing by is like nature’s own composition of a sweet, sweet ballad. Now, if you still want more of a taste of paradise, Batlag Falls is just a few arduous climbs away from Daranak Falls.

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Batlag Waterfall is located a few steps higher in the hills than Daranak Falls. Another reason you should visit Tanay, Rizal soon is this magnificent waterfall. It is both lovely and mystical. This is the place to be if you want some peace and quiet and a place to yourself.

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