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Here are 4 things you shouldn’t miss when you visit Angono, Rizal

Here are 4 things you shouldn’t miss when you visit Angono, Rizal

Angono is a small town in Rizal known for its arts and culture, hence the title Art Capital of the Philippines. If you love art, visiting Angono will make you love art harder. However, Angono has a lot more to offer. Here are five things you should not miss when you visit Angono, Rizal – the Art Capital of the Philippines.

Galleries and Museums must be the top priority.

Photo from Blanco Family Museum FB page

Angono is home to two Philippine National Artists–Carlos “Botong” Francisco for Visual Arts and Maestro Lucio D. San Pedro for Music.

Angono is definitely an art town! This town is filled with galleries and museums. They display wonderful paintings and sculptures that tell and show culture. You will absolutely be missing out if you skip galleries and museums when you visit Angono, Rizal.

Some galleries and museums to visit: Blanco Family Museum, Carlos Botong Francisco Gallery, ANGKLA Art Gallery, and Nemiranda Art House.

Visit Angono – Binangonan Petroglyphs

Photo from National Museum of the Philippines

Ever wonder where and what is the oldest work of art in the Philippines? Of course, it is in the Art Capital. Angono-Binangonan Petroglyphs site is declared a National Cultural Treasure in 1973 and listed in the World Inventory of Rock Art in 1985. It is also included in the list of World Monument Watch of the top 100 most endangered sites in the world.

According to the National Museum of the Philippines website, the Angono-Binangonan Petroglyphs site is composed of zoomorphic and geometric figures engraved on a rock shelter. It is found at the border of Angono and Binangonan in Rizal. There are also a total of 179 distinct figures that have been discovered on the rock shelter.

If you want to visit this site, you might want to gear up a little as it requires a short hike to reach. Never miss a chance to go to this cultural treasure when you visit Angono.

Have fun at Angono Lakeside Park

A certified pasyalan, Angono Lakeside Eco Park is a budget-friendly recreation spot for everyone. If you visit Angono with kids, this is the best spot! It has a playground for kids, a joggers’ lane, and there is even a zipline. This eco-park is also good for picnics, a biking spot, and sunset viewing.

On May 6, 2022, Municipality of Angono announced the complete construction of Angono Art Center in Lakeside Eco Park. This Art Center is a perfect venue for art exhibits and other arts and culture activities.

Since this park is near Laguna de Bay, you can also try boat riding. Another thing to love in Angono Lakeside Park is the food stalls. There are food stalls that sell your snacks and street foods. You will never get hungry while enjoying yourself in the park.

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Try the Food!

How can you say you visit a place without you trying its delicacies? Aside from your eyes, your stomach will surely be satisfied. When talking about food, Angono has a lot to say. After all, food is art too.

To start, there is native and exotic food you can try at Balaw-Balaw Restuarant. This famous restaurant has an art gallery too, but it is best known for its food menu. Here, you can try eating Kamaro (fried crickets) or Tapang Baboy Ramo (cured wild boar) and even a sizzling butt and balls of beef!

Photo of Balaw-Balaw Restaurant from Angono Tourism
Photo of Exotic Dishes Menu from Balaw-Balaw Restaurant FB Page

Another popular dish to try in Angono is fried native duck (most known as fried itik). This dish is best partnered with a cold beer, or with rice. A perfect pasalubong. You may find many vendors of fried itik near Angono’s Municipal gymnasium. So, make sure to try it.

Photo from Marlon’s Fried Itik FB page

To be honest, there are a lot more things to do when you visit Angono and this article cannot tell enough. So, make sure to visit the Art Capital and enjoy yourself to the fullest.

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