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Girl Gone Bad: 3 Must-Watch Horror-Thriller Films with Disturbed Female Characters

Girl Gone Bad: 3 Must-Watch Horror-Thriller Films with Disturbed Female Characters

From The Texas Chainsaw Massacre to A Nightmare on Elm’s Street, men have usually been featured as the scariest movie characters that made us sleep with the lights on at night, while the very same flicks also gave us a woman to root for– a “Final Girl” who brought down the often-male epitome of evil.

While the horror-thriller genre is filled with heroines, we must not forget that women can be equally terrifying. Trust me, you can’t trust these girls as they may have started all innocent, but once the credits rolled, they’d completely flipped their “good girl” image in 360 degrees!

With that in mind, we take you through some of the best horror-thriller films that put terrifying women at the center of the story.

Gone Girl (2014)

Courtesy of 20th Century Fox Pictures

You couldn’t ask for a clearer portrait of a dream girl than Gone Girl’s Amy Elliot Dunne (Rosamund Pike). She’s clever, funny, has a great personality, and is a total number one stunner. At least she seems to because she’s plotting a very twisted game in her pastime.

Anyone who has seen this psychological thriller film would agree on how they went from feeling sorry for Amy to completely despising her. This just proves how director David Fincher and writer Gillian Flynn breathed one such complicated character to life.

Audition (1999)

Courtesy of Art Port

Takashi Miike’s torture porn horror film follows a lonely widow who finds love again through a bogus audition, only to discover that the lady who has stolen his heart is not who she appears to be. Well, it looks like the joke is on him.

There are only three words that will accurately describe the said lady, Asami Yamazaki (Eihi Shiina): sick, twisted, and (oh so) sadistic. I highly recommend watching this movie whenever you think about dating someone. It works like a charm every single time!

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The Witch (2015)

Courtesy of A24

Let’s say Thomasin (Anya Taylor-Joy) is a good girl. Or at least she really, really wants to be one. She then abandons convention to pursue what she truly desires: satanic witchcraft power. Listen, we all have different dreams– so you do you, girl.

The Witch is crafted with all the conviction of a veteran horror legend. How so? It’s because Robert Eggers lifted some period sources and “written accounts of historical witchcraft” to its scenes and dialogue. It makes the folk horror film extra creepier than ever.

Is there anything more frightening than a woman’s cold, sharp stare or well-lit fury in a film? These horror-thriller female baddies come in forms, from scary supernatural entities to deranged, psychotic killers. All of them are perfect to witness this spooky season!

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