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Why The Anthem of the Heart is one of my favorite anime film

Why The Anthem of the Heart is one of my favorite anime film

Words are without a doubt the sharpest knife a person could use to hurt another. Unlike some other scars, wounds from sharp and painful words are much harder to deal than actual wounds. Especially if the words have already broken a person’s heart. Tear apart tight bonds and destroy well-balanced relationships between people. Words are weapon. This is what The Anthem of the Heart taught me.

Given the title “The Anthem of the Heart”, I thought to myself, this is gonna be another teenage romance that is set in school. That it would focus on the story of a young couple struggling to balance relationships and studies. But to my shock, what was served is a tearjerker anime movie that tackles more than just romance. Well, what can I expect from the director Tatsuyuki Nagai who directed Anohana: The Flower we saw that day back in 2011. And for the record, that movie put a lump on my throat and left me bawling my eyes out. 

Ever since I dive into the world of anime, both films and series, I have always wanted to encounter an anime that would talk more. And not just about how a young couple survived a massive amount of simple everyday problems. Or how a man got transferred into a different realm to become the center of a harem. I was constantly looking for that anime that could leave me in tears. Lingering emotions of both sadness and happiness. An anime film that would present the meaningful struggles of the main characters. And guess what, The Anthem of the Heart gave me all of that.

Reasons why The Anthem of the Heart is worth checking out

Story Plot and Representation

Abbreviated as Kokosake or with a straight english translation of My Heart wants to Shout, tells a story of a dreamy young girl Jun. She was magically cursed by an enchanted fairy egg as a punishment for being a chatterbox. 

Jun Naruse, voiced by Inori Minase, caused her family to break apart due to her non-stop talking and carelessness. After her father’s departure from their home, she met an egg fairy that made her promise to never use her words again.

As a writer myself, I always fantasized writing emotional stories with the use of unique representation and symbolism. And The Anthem of the Heart successfully executed what I have always wanted; perfect representation of the characters’ inner struggles and depthness of the story. The writers Maki Okada and Chouheiwa Busters penned what could be one of the best anime film I have ever watched.

The connection of the main protagonist’s inner conflicts to a simple egg, that’s a unique and perfect representation for me. Of how the white and the yolk of an egg would scramble the moment the shell breaks. In which represents Jun’s trauma for speaking.

This heartwarming anime film is a straight stab to the heart as I slowly uncover the truth about Jun’s curse. The enchanted egg fairy and zipper on Jun’s mouth. The curse and punishment for being a chatterbox and how all of these were presented and explained throughout the movie. 

Art Style

The Anthem of the Heart art style is not that far and different from the other anime films from 2015 up to now. From colors to shadows to angling and cinematography, this animation is a great find. Especially for those looking for an animated movie that is less on magical effects of a different world. For those who had eyes on a more relaxed and simple mimicry of the real world, this animated film could be a catch. 

With panels showcasing the beauty of the nature, The Anthem of the Heart would surely blessed not just your heart but also your eyes.


Perfect exchanges of lines and weight of each conversation adds up to the overall beauty of the movie. The lines that Jun thrown towards the latter part of the anime, hits home, really hard. She smoothly executed the lines and totally reflected the emotion of each frame. 

One line hit me real bad. “If there isn’t, then I’m lost!” 

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This one short line showed the intensity of the protagonist’s conflict and the depth of the mistake that somehow managed carelessly. There’s a saying that goes “A second misdeed does not cancel the first”. In Jun’s case, she was the receiver of both mistakes and it took a toll on her massively. 

OST and Background Song 

A great movie would not be considered to be one without beautiful soundtracks and background songs, right?

The original soundtracks of a film would help the characters as well as the writers to deliver the messages effectively. And not only that. It also helps in setting the mood of each scene. Making it easier to grasp the emotion each panel wanted to convey.

The Anthem of the Heart gave me one of the saddest soundtrack that I have ever listened to throughout my years of being an otaku. 

Watashi no Koe, which could be translated to English as “My Voice”, gave me chills as I was watching the movie scene that was accompanied by this song. The song encapsulates the whole meaning, message and the emotions that Jun wanted to release from the very start of the movie up to the scene where the song was sung.

In all honesty, the words that were used for the lyrics is quite simple. But the timing and the way it was executed was so perfect that I didn’t notice I was crying the whole time.

The Anthem of the Heart might appear to be simple compared to others. But the messages and the story would surely leave you crying and wiping the tears off your face. An animated film that is really close to the heart.

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