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The esports spectacle lives on in day four of the Asia-Pacific Predator League 2020/21 Grand Final

The esports spectacle lives on in day four of the Asia-Pacific Predator League 2020/21 Grand Final

The fourth day of the Asia-Pacific Predator League 2020/21 Grand Final went underway as Eagle 365, TNC Predator, and Neon Esports shared the spotlight.

Predator League
Eagle 365

The esports spectacle lives on in day four of the Asia-Pacific Predator League 2020/21 Grand Final

Eagle 365, a team representing Indonesia, secured three straight chicken dinner victories in the last three rounds.

Meanwhile, they take a commanding first place lead, after accumulating 104 points in all eight rounds. Risky “Chibiritt” Junaidi Putra leads the team through his 19 kills.

ArkAngel Predato

Trailing them is ArkAngel Predator from the Philippines, who collected 76 points. Their chicken dinner triumph in round five propelled them to their second place finish.

Predator League
GameHome Esport

The matches

After securing two consecutive chicken dinner victories in the first two rounds, GameHome Esports from Vietnam, struggled to make any impact as they suffered early exits in all four rounds. They, on the other hand, dropped from the first place to the fifth with only 58 points in their disposal.

Sharper White

Even SharpeR White from Thailand experienced a decline in performance after an impressive first day performance. From the second seed they also collapsed to the seventh seed, amassing 49 points.

Only four rounds remain in the PL 2020/21 PUBG APAC tournament.

Predator League
Eagle 365

While Eagle 365 took centerstage in PUBG, the representatives from the Philippines made headlines in the PL 2020/21 Dota 2 APAC event.

TNC Predator

Predator League

TNC Predator struggled from the early game aggression from their fellow representatives, Reckoning Esports. However, they recovered back through their stacking mechanics and decisive teamfights. This created space for Kim “Gabbi” Villafuerte’s Bristleback and Armel Paul “Armel” Tabios’ Templar Assassin to acquire their key items.

Amid a strong farming phase from Julius “JG” Galeon’s Terrorblade, TNC had the pieces to shut him down through their crowd control abilities.

Neon Sports

The upper bracket final saw Neon Esports from the Philippines dispatch BOOM Esports from Indonesia. Then, Neon Esports gave Saieful “Fbz” Ilham’s Tidehunter a torrid display as he struggled to make an impact.

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Predator League
BOOM Esports

Their core players scaled well as BOOM Esports had to contend with the damage outburst from John Anthony “Natsumi-” Vargas’s Troll Warlord, Erin Jasper “Yopaj” Ferrer’s Void Spirit, and Rolen Andrei Gabriel “skem” Ong’s Windranger.

Neon’s victory has also given them a finals berth, where they’ll face the victor of the lower bracket final between TNC Predator and BOOM Esports.

Team IMG

Predator League 2020/21

The action likewise carried on in the Predator League 2020/21 Dota 2 Asia tournament where Team IMG from Mongolia prevailed over The Council from Bangladesh in the upper bracket final. Meanwhile, their rotations and map control allowed them to dominate the networth charts. Their victory has propelled them to a grand final berth.

Predator League
Sara Kollo

The other match saw Team Veteran from Myanmar eliminate Sara Kollo from Sri Lanka. They commanded all three lanes, leaving Sara Kollo at a massive disadvantage. They’ll also proceed to the lower bracket final, where they’ll go head-to-head with The Council. The winner of that match, on the other hand, will face IMG in the final stage of the tournament.

Matches are broadcasted on Facebook and Twitch channels. You may also tune in to Predator’s Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages to be up to date with the last day of elimination round!

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