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RAFI and GCash team up for ‘virtual to actual’ tree-planting in the Visayas

RAFI and GCash team up for ‘virtual to actual’ tree-planting in the Visayas

Since its release, GCash became the leading mobile wallet in the Philippines. Recently, they forged a partnership with Ramon Aboitiz Foundation, Inc. (RAFI). This cooperation sets to help protect forest lands in the Visayas through GCash Forest. Starting in 2018, it became an initiative and has since drawn the attention of users to environmental issues facing the country. Meanwhile, it promotes digital transactions through the mobile wallet app.

RAFI and GCash team up for ‘virtual to actual’ tree-planting in the Visayas

GCash and RAFI commit to supporting sustainable development in a balanced and integrated manner. Of course, climate change remains the primary concern since it affects the entire world. It has a direct impact on the environment and biodiversity. Both believe that this situation can be reversed if appropriate approaches and strategies exist and implemented in a collaborative and collective manner.  The partnership will support environmentally conscious and civic-minded communities genuinely concerned for the environment.

RAFI’s One Tree Program Unit

RAFI has a One to Tree Program Unit. This encourages communities to help protect and rehabilitate the environment. They involve themselves in establishing native tree nurseries and tree plantations in the Province of Cebu.

Riella Mae Guiogio, President and CEO of RAFI said:

“RAFI is committed to our environmental thrust of ‘greening’ the Philippines through this partnership.  The use of green technology is the way to go in supporting the country’s environmental sustainability efforts, one tree at a time, through our program and we are proud to partner with GCash in this GCash Forest campaign.”

Martha Sazon, President and CEO of GCash said:

“We are very happy to welcome RAFI as our distinguished partner for GCash Forest. This is a very important partnership as it helps us act on the eminent environmental concern of deforestation. With the help of RAFI and our cash Forest supporters, we aim to continue utilizing the technology to promote reforestation of vital forest lands in the Visayas and in critical areas across the Philippines as well.”

Earn ‘green energy’ points with GCash

Through the partnership, GCash users will be able to earn ‘green energy’ points. You can do this while doing everyday actions that reduce carbon consumption in the real world. This includes activities like using personal tumblers in partner cafes and opting for reusable utensils when ordering food for delivery. More importantly, they get to participate in the campaign. They can do this when they adopt a tree while earning energy points.

You can do this when frequently using the GCash app for your everyday transactions. Of course, this would include bank transfers, buying load, paying bills, sending money, or while you simply going on a walk. Once you acquire enough energy points, users can then select a tree through the app. They offer a myriad of native trees through the app. All users need to do would be to acquire the needed energy points to be able to pick a tree to adopt.

Adopt trees with ‘green energy’ points

If you earn 8,520 energy points, you can get avocado as your adoptive tree. Meanwhile, narra can be yours when you receive a total of 9,411 energy points. Molave, on the other hand, can be planted in your name when you earn 8,410 points. Jackfruit can be your own tree when you acquire 6,305 energy points. Other native trees that you will be able to adopt would be guyabano (6,890 energy points) and mamalis (7,324 energy points).

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Once a GCash user selects a tree for adoption, RAFI team will plant it at either Ipo Dam or Cebu. Forests remain an integral part of our ecosystem. It would be crucial in protecting watersheds, regulating water supply, and providing natural habitat to a number of species, in order to help mitigate climate change.  RAFI continued to work hard to make this happen for their adopted forests in the Visayas specifically in the province of Cebu.

33 million GCash users exist in the country. RAFI believes in the positive impact this new app feature could bring in the protection and restoration of the Cebu forests through sustainability initiatives like this. Both partners remain positive everyone can work together to make a more sustainable future a possibility.

For more information on this eco-conscious initiative and a complete list of actions, GCash users can take to earn green energy points, visit www.gcash.com/gforest/.

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