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My favorite male anime characters and what’s so good about them

My favorite male anime characters and what’s so good about them

Watching anime series and films has been my comfort ever since I discovered the world of Japanese animation. It’s not a good day if I don’t watch an episode or two of my current favorite anime. Well, an episode gives an otaku enough energy to function all throughout an exhausting day. And while watching, I can’t help but collect male anime characters from time to time. Well, who isn’t right? 

Male anime characters often served the viewers the standard and ideal man every woman of this generation dream of. Gentleman, softly spoken, respectful with undeniably good looks and broad shoulders. Just like Kakashi from Naruto and Tatsu from Gokushufudou: The Way of the House Husband. But of course, it varies from a cutie to a hottie and sometimes to the problematic and weird ones. Like Hisoka and Gojo Satoru. 

And just like any other otakus out there, I also have the list of husbandos and boyfriend material of my own. 

Here are my favorite male anime characters and why

Rimuru Tempest

A man with the most comforting vibes and aura. With a personality that would make you both proud and envious. A child-like personality that can protect you from anything under the clear blue sky. From the Great Forest of Jura, let’s start it off with the cute, bouncy and cheerful slime, Rimuru Tempest. 

Rimuru Tempest is a reincarnated slime in an unknown world so different from his own. Formerly known as Mikami Satoru, Rimuru is the heroine of the famous anime series, That time I got reincarnated as a slime. Aside from his jolly and bubbly personality, Rimuru is one of the strongest male anime characters that I have encountered in my years of being an otaku. 

He is confident, most of the time. A down-to-earth creature even when he has the power to take down anyone. And a kind soul that would never abandon anyone who needs his help in times of trouble. These are just the few of his traits that would make anyone go, “I like to have someone like that around.” A perfect representation of how a man should act despite his status, skills and maybe looks.

Takumi Usui

Talking about standard, who wouldn’t mention the name of the man who makes the president of the council go shy and blush? The man who would jump from the rooftop just to ensure her secret is safe and well hidden. Now, that’s Takumi Usui for you. 

Takumi Usui is the male protagonist of one of the famous shoujo manga and anime series, Kaichou wa Maid-sama. Usui might appear to be arrogant, full of himself, kind of a man. But he would make the butterflies in anyone’s stomach go crazy at the same time. He could be anyone you would like him to be and would definitely accept you wholly without asking any questions. 

Usui is a type that would provide anyone the comfort that they need. And aside from all of that, he is the kind of a man that would save you in any given trouble, despite the consequences he might face. The only downgrade of Takumi Usui is that he is currently tied and crazily in love with the president of the student council, Ayuzawa Misaki.

Kamado Tanjiro 

The epitome of a kind soul, that’s what Kamado Tanjiro really is. A man who would definitely reach for your hand even if you curse the life out of him. An older brother who can sacrifice anything just to protect his beloved siblings and family. From the troops of the demon slayers, here comes the very lovable Kamado Tanjiro. 

Seeking a cure for his sister, Tanjiro decided to become one of the demon slayers. Screams about unconditional love, right? Well, the reasons why I love him doesn’t really end there. Aside from his cool outfit, sword and hanafuda earrings, Tanjiro has the purest soul. Even though he has to eliminate the demons, he would empathize and sympathize with them and would feel their pains. 

Tanjiro is an optimistic, lively and cheerful demon slayer who would lend his hands to anyone who needs it. Among the other male anime characters, Tanjiro would surely score a hundred in humanity.

Katsuki Bakugo 

A little hot-headed and frank with a foul-mouth tsundere. For me, this is what best describes Bakugo from the anime, My Hero Academia

Although he seems to have little to no patience at all, well like we’ve seen from the anime series. He does do things to save or protect the people who are important to him. Take Deku for an example. He might say a lot of bad things to Midoriya, but deep down? He totally cares for him. 

Katsuki Bakugo might tend to use bad words that could potentially hurt others. Say things that are way different from his actions and act like an almighty hero. But we all know Bakugo, he means no harm. He’s just like that, by nature. And who doesn’t love a tsundere like him, right? 

Bakugo might be a cruel honest child, but for me, that’s what makes him wonderful. 

Suzuki Iruma 

Although I have been watching tons of anime series, I have never encountered someone like Iruma. A straight kind soul with no stain of bad side at all. He might appear to be a too-good-to-be-true kind of character, but who doesn’t want a kind friend like Iruma, right? 

Suzuki Iruma is the main character of the anime series and manga, Mairimashita Iruma-kun or with straight English title, Welcome to Demon school Iruma-kun. He’s a kind child who doesn’t know how to say no. In fact, he’s a little bit of a yes-man. A type of child who would never shake his head as a sign of disagreement. He would welcome anyone with his smiling face and warm hugs. 

Although it might be seen as one of his flaws, being kind brought him the people he adores so much. It open an opportunity that would never be possible when he was still living with his parents. And that’s a family and a home. Iruma might be a child and a vulnerable human in the realm of the demons, but he surely inspires everyone with his kind and pure soul.

Tetsuro Kuroo

Tetsuro Kuroo is the captain of the volleyball team of Nekoma High from the anime series and manga, Haikyuu. As the captain of their volleyball team, Kuroo holds the confidence and charms a leader should possess. And he seems to be enjoying that too. 

Kuroo is literally the confidence in human form. Even if he showed a little bit of his savageness, fans can’t help but fall in love with this frank and skilled read blocker. Being able to block such powerful spikers like Bokuto and Suguru, he is an arrogant character with a purpose. And who doesn’t love savage characters like Kuroo in an anime series like Haikyuu? We all love the honesty and the saltiness he bring to the anime series. 

Aside from possessing nearly everything fans would want from male anime characters, well that’s Kuroo for you. He also helps the other characters to realize their strengths and weaknesses. Just like what he did to Tsukishima Kei. He might sound a little bit annoying at times. But he is fair, hard-working and very talented, especially as a read blocker and a captain.


A funny hero for fun and a savage yet very frank protagonist. Saitama is an average everyday hero with little to none existing fans at all. Well, that’s what the other characters from the anime series One Punch Man thinks. That he looks like a fool, an air brain and somehow who is not capable of saving and protecting anyone. But they are very wrong. 

What’s so good about Saitama is that he never boasts his powers. In fact, he wanted to just continue being a hero for fun, without letting anyone know that he saved them from an actual danger. 

Saitama is a very powerful hero, even the strongest among many others but he never let it get ahead of him. If I may say, he likes to keep himself tied to the ground despite having the ability to finish an enemy with one single punch. He often gets bored when the fight finishes with him blowing his first punch. And for me, this really speaks something. 

He wanted to improve and be a better hero but it’s just that, he never encountered someone that could bring that out of him. Regardless, Saitama is one of the most amazing male anime characters ever in the world of anime. And plus, he is a funny guy to the core despite doing nothing and standing still. 

Itadori Yuji

If Kuroo is the personification of confidence, Itadori Yuji could be the optimistism. 

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Itadori Yuji is a high school student who have a fantastic set of physical abilities that somehow made him even more fearless than he already is. He is optimistic, kind and thoughtful especially to the people around him. Yuji is the main heroine of the 2021 Best Anime of the Year, Jujutsu no Kaisen. 

Yuji became one of the curses after eating a finger of Sukuna, the king of the curses, in order to save his friends. What’s amazing about Yuji is that he never doubted himself. In fact, he would run headfirst into someone’s trouble in order to save them. He never really hesitated when he knew he could do something to aid his friends and those people who are important to him. In simple words, he is selfless and highly optimistic. 

Moreover, although he has extraordinary physical abilities and the power the curse of Sukuna gave him, he never let it turn him into someone else. In fact, even the king of the curses himself cannot fully control Yuji’s body and mind. This makes Yuji even more impressive than he already is. 

Kyojuro Rengoku

Talking about being optimistic, we cannot forget the Flame Hashira from the anime series, Demon Slayer. The one and only, Kyojuro Rengoku. 

Who doesn’t cry after watching the Mugen Train arc of the anime? The arc made the fans love and admire this amazing demon slayer even more. Although the Demon Slayer has a lot of peculiar and amazing characters like Giyuu Tomioka, the trio Tanjiro, Inosuke and Zenitsu, the flame hashira still stands out from all of them. 

With his upright and bright personality. who wouldn’t want him to be at least their brother or friend, right? Rengoku is one of the best characters from the anime who not only possess amazing abilities, but also embody the best qualities a man could ever have. He loves his family more than anything else. He respects other demon slayers and even accepts Tanjiro despite the fact that Tanjiro’s sister turned into a demon. 

Rengoku is truly an ideal brother, master and maybe even a father. I bet many of us wanted him to be real, right?

Senku Ishigami

If you ever got frozen by an unknown phenomenon for over 3000 years, what would you do? Would you be able to stay awake and think of the ways to unfreeze yourself? Would you remain calm despite knowing that there is a possibility that everything you know will never be the same the moment you get out of that situation? 

Well, Senku Ishigami made the impossible possible. Thanks to his highly intelligent capabilities and unrivaled resourcefulness, he managed to escape the long nightmare he has been in for over 3000 years. Senku is the main protagonist of the post-apocalyptic anime series and manga, Dr. Stone. 

Dr. Stone follows a story of a young prodigy as he uncovers the truth about the global-scale petrification, that happened thousands of years ago. Along his journey through what seems like the ancient primitive times, Senku would recreate the inventions the modern time has with the resources he had. Including electricity, instant food like ramen, transportation and more. 

Senku is a genius, there’s no doubt about that. But what makes his character even more impressive is how he never gives up despite the little possibility he has. He always perseveres in spite of the problems he might face doing what he has planned to do. In fact, he never showed any kind of hesitation when making a decision that would affect everyone. He is always confident, and it is impressive how all his plans would work out eventually. 

Ishigami Senku might be a too-good-to-be-true character too. But regardless, he still inspires many of the fans to do their best in everything. 

And now all you have to say is “I do!

But kidding aside, there are tons of anime series that portray qualities and characteristics we might be looking for in a man. And all we have to do is explore the world of anime and spot your ideal husbandos while enjoying the different worlds these amazing animes could offer us. 

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