VP/Fashion: The Grandeur of Millennial Yellow and Ultraviolet

By: Shawn Kliff Sacal  |  October 12, 2018

Pink had a good run last season.

This year, the color wheel took an unexpected turn with its fashion trends. Taking on two opposing colors: one, bright and carefree, and the other, mysterious and sultry. It’s been splashing its way by the end of 2017 and we never saw it coming! From A-listers, runways, to street style scenes, our radar is on the lookout for the Millennial Yellow and Ultraviolet.

The Millennial Yellow

Who said summer is over? With yellow, it sure is not.

Dubbed as Gen-Z Yellow by Man Repeller, or Millennial Yellow as we’d like to call it (goodbye, millennial pink), it is a surprising cross between marigold and mustard. The youth influence is quite strong on this one wanting to be unique and radiating with positivity that resonates from growing up in this confusing times.

Millennial Yellow 2

We’ve even got Beyonce to thank for it too! After headlining as the first black woman to perform in Coachella, her yellow Balmain hoodie was everything.

Millennial Yellow 3

If you find the color a bit glaring for your taste, you can slowly ease your way into it by adding some yellow in your ensemble like a pair of sunnies or shoes to make it pop. In this way, you can bring attention to your outfit without it being too overpowering. A perfect Insta-bait!



Pantone has named Ultraviolet, a daring shade of purple, as the Color of the Year. According to them, this communicates “originality, ingenuity, and visionary thinking”. It stands for discovery, limitlessness, and spiritual reflection.       

Ultraviolet 2

This 80’s hue is definitely making a huge comeback. Undeniably so, this complex color has been seen gracing this year’s Spring collection of Gucci together with Balenciaga and Moschino.

Ultraviolet 3

Unlikely trendsetters, like the Queen of England and Princess Diana, has also been sporting this retro color long before.

For those faint of heart, who are too afraid to commit to this shade, can opt for a subtler hue to fit their stylesuch as pastel lavender.


The Millennial Yellow and Ultraviolet may seem to be bold and eccentric choices, but they’re perfect for the avant-garde youth of today. And we’re just glad that the prevalence of this color in fashion has finally become a statement.

Photographer | Rxandy Capinpin

Stylist | Keith Angelo

Models | Andrew Kaplya at New Monarq

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