#VPFashion: Mark Ranque is about to dominate local fashion industry

By: VP Team  |  September 21, 2018

Rising fashion stylist Mark Ranque gets candid about his humble beginnings and biggest dreams.

Unforeseen Opportunities

Mark Ranque’s fondness of Filipino celebrities led to his dream of pursuing a career in the local show business. When he was just fifteen years old, he traveled to Manila to pursue his dreams despite his parents’ disapproval. He ended up working as a Road Manager of young celebrities, where he met fashion stylist Odelon Simpao. Ranque was initially offered a position as Simpao’s assistant stylist but he was doubtful. “[I was] hesitant to accept the offer because I do not have any idea about fashion and styling,” Ranque recalled, “but [Simpao] offered to teach me [about it],” he added.

Ranque expressed that his experience as Simpao’s assistant over the past few years was one of the major factors that helped him improve in the field. He shared that Simpao’s guidance and trust gave him the opportunity to explore and learn more about styling. “He always left me on set and doing the job alone [widened my] knowledge in fashion,” Ranque stated.

He worked on other styling gigs with a known local TV Network until he eventually decided to pursue a career as a personal stylist.


Breaking through

When asked about his biggest break as a fashion stylist, Ranque recalled how social media played a vital role in his career development. “I was the assistant stylist of the [boy group] Hashtags when I saw an article about Donny Pangilinan,” Ranque remembered. “I stalked his social media accounts and messaged him. I didn’t expect him to reply to my messages but I started to become his fan,” Ranque recalled.


“[One time], I visited his ASAP taping [because I wanted to] see him. I went to his dressing room [and saw] that he was not dressed yet, despite the fact that the show was about to start. I introduced myself as the stylist of the Hashtags even though I was just an assistant. I also informed him that I was the one who messaged him on his Instagram account. I volunteered to [style him], and he said yes. I ran so fast to get the clothes at home. Luckily, I live near [the studio] so I got the clothes just in time,” the stylist shared. “After the show, [Donny] cannot stop thanking me,” he added.

His unconventional meeting with young superstar Donny Pangilinan eventually changed his life, especially after Pangilinan hired him as a personal stylist. “He gave me the biggest break that I never ever imagined,” Ranque gushed. “Now I style him in all his gigs. I’m thankful that Donnie came into my life [the way he did],” he stated.


Establishing a name in the industry

Although Ranque did not have a formal education on fashion, his success in the field makes him a stylist to look out for. “Fashion is not just about the brand, it’s about how [a person] wears [their clothes],” he conveyed. “Stylists need to study [their client’s] looks and personal styles but I [try not to] buy expensive clothes; I just mix and match,” Ranque shared.

When asked about his struggles, the Filipino stylist shared how tough the competition is. “There are a lot of stylists in the Philippines. [Some] already have their own names and are already famous. One of my major challenges now is the competition,” he expressed. His major gig as Donny’s stylist has its difficulties too. “[Some stylists] are offering Donny free services – something I cannot offer. But I trust [Donny’s decisions], we’ve been working for a couple of months already and we treat each other like brothers,” Ranque gratefully expressed.

Mark Ranque as a stylist

Each event, appearance or show requires Ranque to explore his styling options. His signature style is the High Clean Street Style, which he uses majority of the time. “Usually, I choose my clients’ style based on the look they want or the theme. Since styling is a collaborative work, I also ask inputs from them,” Ranque stated.

When asked for fashion advice, Ranque reiterated that confidence is the key. “What you wear speaks a lot of your personality. Always remember that fashion is not always about wearing expensive stuff. [Regardless of what brand you’re wearing], wear it well with confidence,” he advised.

Follow Mark Ranque on his social media accounts:

Instagram – @markranque

Facebook – Ranque Mark


Formal suits by Sir Paolo Lazaro

Jackets by Mark Dela Peña, Sèason Pass clothing

Formal footwear from Dant.ph and Alambree by Mackey Combe for the lapel pins.

Media coverage by Pushalert.ph

Photographer : Raymond Caulian

Hair and makeup team: Jay Herrera, Noel Orate, Aaron Cunanan and Marge Reyes

Styling assistant : Justine Aliman

Shot on location at Cornerstone Studio QC

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