#VPExclusive: Miss World Philippines 2017 Laura Lehmann expresses support to Miss Universe Spain 2018 Angela Ponce

By: VP Team  |  July 3, 2018

Recently, the newly-crowned Miss Universe Spain 2018 Angela Ponce made noise in social media after winning the prestigious pageant. Aside from her crown, the beauty queen made history as the first transgender woman to win a national pageant, which is originally intended for women.

Angela will represent Spain at the 2018 Miss Universe competition later this year. After the competition, netizens started to share their opinions about the issue. Most of them were happy for the newest milestone of the LGBT Community however, there are still some of them who believe that her victory is a offense to women.

Laura Lehmann, Miss World Philippines 2017, is happy for the triumph of the newest queen. The 23-year-old beauty queen-host believes that there is nothing wrong crowning a transgender woman as the Miss Universe Spain 2018.

“I am very happy that a trans-woman is now candidate for Miss Universe and I don’t see anything wrong with it. If she identifies as a woman, if she feels like a woman, then she should be allowed to join a pageant for women regardless of the body parts assigned to her at birth,” Laura firmly pronounced.

Moreover, Laura emphasizes that this marks as a big step for the LGBT Community to their fight for equality.

“Who are we to stop her from her dreams when everyday we fight for equality,” she stated.

“Preventing her from joining would be acknowledging her difference and insinuating that she is unworthy, which I think is wrong.  She is just as deserving as the rest of us. All the power to her for being brave & I hope she goes far,” she continued.

It is really nice to see two queens supporting each other, right?

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