Are these memes part of Unique Salonga’s Tour promotion?

By: Krissa Lara Amiel Toldanes  |  August 8, 2018

Bunch of today’s memes are taken from pop culture references such as television shows, popular films, or from mere photos or videos posted online. Most social media users enjoys their usage of these memes, moreover, there are fan pages solely dedicated to create and share these funny photos.

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We know that you already saw these “Unique Memes” on your Facebook timeline by now. Unique Salonga is the former member of the Indie rock band IV of Spades.

Filipinos, once again, display their wits and creative juices by making Unique a meme factory, from Korean characters to Anime characters.

Name it and you can have it.

Unique: umalis sa IV of Spades nagsolo napunta sa mga memes–Baka may gusto pa po kayong idagdag?HAHAHA credits sa lahat ng may ari ng mga memes na yan 🤣*updated*

Posted by Hayley Silonga on Monday, August 6, 2018

However, not everyone knows who Unique is and some are wondering what is the reason behind the widespread of this singer’s memes. This Facebook user created his own meme to depict his unawareness of the source of the newest hype.

Nf ko ngayon

Posted by Randy Delmo Muico on Monday, August 6, 2018

“bakit andaming unique memes sa facebook HINDI KO GETS”

“unique salonga memes all over my timeline”

Here’s the interesting thing about these omnipresent memes, a twitter user claims that Facebook pages which obtain thousands of likes, are paid to disperse these memes as a part of Unique Tour’s promotion.

“binayaran ang mga fb pages na maramjng likes at gumagawa ng memes, binayaran sila para gumawa ng memes ni unik para pag usapan kase malapit na tour o concert ni unique. Teknik po yun. Tropa ko nagsabi. :(“

Either his theory is a fact or not, it seems that it is effective and fetching. However, it also receives negative feedback from those who had enough of these memes.

“Hard to swallow pill is yung corny naman talaga yung unique memes pero shems let people enjoy”

“STOP UNIQUE MEMES they’re no longer ….. unique”

“uhm purgang purga na po ako sa memes ni unique hahahaahhahahahhaha”

Unique is set to perform in his first solo tour since he left his band. He took a big leap to go on his solo career as a singer.

On a Facebook post, the band said Salonga left to “continue with his personal endeavors” last May 2018.

What can you say about this? Let us know in the comments below!

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