Tough looks, big heart: Actor Kaiser Boado is the ideal boyfriend

By: VP Contributor  |  September 13, 2018

Let’s admit, there are a lot of bad boys out there. They either want to break your heart or play with it, but every once in a while there’s also going to be that one guy who you’ll trust no matter what. Filipino actor Kaiser Boado is often tagged as “boyfriend goals” due to his love life’s vocal presence in social media.

There’s no greater feeling than being loved by the person you love and having him/her tell the world about it. This is exactly what Kaiser has been doing, showing his followers that he’s proud to have his girlfriend. Especially now that they are expecting!

Beyond Kaiser’s tough looks is a man whose heart is overflowing with love. And no one’s complaining. It’s something every guy should have!

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PDA… We just don’t care.🎶 #RebuildingMyIG

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Thank God I Found You.🙏🏼

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We salute you!

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