Top 5 Trends in Tech for 2017

By: VP Team  |  January 10, 2018

Tech trends come and go just like any other trends. However, we managed to gather up 5 of tech trends that left a mark in 2017. From slim bezels to Artificial Intelligence, here are the Top 5 Trends in Tech for 2017.

  1. Slim Smartphone Bezels – Remember the days when there are substantial bezels on a smartphone? You know the “frame” around the phone’s display? You don’t? Well I don’t blame you since smartphone manufacturers seem intent on eliminating bezels altogether. It did not catch on with the Sharp Aquos years ago. However, Samsung came out with the Galaxy S8 series with the beautiful bezelless 18:9 displays and everybody jumped on the train and released their own version. Even iPhone with the iPhone X could not resist the bezelless craze.

  1. iPhone X Notch – We already said the Apple released their own bezel-less iPhone with the iPhone X. This became one of the controversial smartphones of 2017 due to a couple of things. First, this is iPhone’s first major overhaul in terms of design since the iPhone 6. Then comes the premium pricing of the X. Then lastly, the Notch. The Notch is the black strip at the top of the iPhone X’s otherwise bezel-less display. It houses a number of sensors including the selfie cam that is used for their new FaceID security feature. Most people find it as an unflattering part of the iPhone X’s beauty.

  1. Smartphones with Portrait Mode – Before smartphone photography is just as simple as how good it is in point and shoot situations. However, nowadays, smartphones are now battling in terms of, not only quality, but how good their portrait mode are. People are now considering how good of a bokeh effect the smartphone camera can give you. The more natural it looks then the better.

  1. Bang-Per-Buck Devices – Amidst the iPhone X’s high premium price, overall, a lot of the great phones released in 2017 are surprisingly affordable. Take the OnePlus 5T, for one, you can get the “Flagship Killer” for less than PHP 30K when it can easily sell for around PHP 40K. The Vivo V7+, with all its great features, is going for less than PHP 20K. Huawei Nova 2i, which is technically a Mate 10 Lite, is going for less than PHP 15K. Lastly, the Cloudfone Excite Prime 2 is going for around PHP 10K when it can easily be considered to be around the PHP 13K – 15K range due to its impressive specs. It really is true that great phones are getting cheaper while cheap phones are getting better.

  1. Cashless Payments – With everything going digital, it is only natural that even cashless payments get more popular as well. More people are choosing to use either GCash or PayMaya when shopping online and/or shopping on partner stores. It is simple more convenient and faster as well.

Text by Edge Buenviaje


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