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After running out of battery, this student leaves online class, trek downhill to charge their gadget

After running out of battery, this student leaves online class, trek downhill to charge their gadget

The shift of our education setting at this time of the pandemic has caused struggles for our educators and students. Just recently, a college teacher has gone viral on social media after posting about her students’ difficulties with distance learning.

In a report aired on 24 Oras, Hazel Villa, a professor at West Visayas State University in Iloilo, shared how one of her students asked permission to leave in the middle of the lesson on their first day of online learning.

Leaving without notice, Villar questioned the student would be gone all of a sudden.

“Sabi niya, ‘Kasi po mam, ano, mauubos na ‘yung baterya ko.’ [Sabi ko] ‘E di mag-charge ka.’ Tipong taray ko pa di ba, mawawalan ka ng baterya eh di mag-charge ka. Common sense naman ‘yan,” Villa said.

It turned out, however, that the student was on top of the mountain just to connect to the internet. With no access to a power outlet, they would need to trek downhill to charge their gadget.

The student promised that they would be back to attend the classes as soon as the battery is full.

Hearing the situation and upon seeing photos of her student in a makeshift hut with an iron sheet roofing, Villar felt sorry for her students. Little did she know, more students have been suffering from countless struggles just to attend their online classes. Rain, for example, makes the climb more difficult, while lightning often sends them running downhill in fear of getting struck.

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“Di na ako nakapigil,” the professor said. “Alam mo ‘yung lalamunan mo na sumasakit dito? Tumulo talaga ‘yung luha ko.”

Villar shared these stories on her social media and immediately became viral. In fact, she was overwhelmed with the support they received from netizens — some donated cash and battery packs to help the students.

In the latter part of her interview, Villar reminded those who are capable of studying at the comfort of their home should be thankful for their situation.

“Napakahirap pong umakyat ng bundok,” she said. “Kailangan n’yo ng strong legs, magpainit at magpaulan para lang po makakuha kayo ng education. So please count yourself blessed.”

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