SEOUL SEARCHING: Korean Fashion is Every Minimalist’ Epitome of Layering

By: Shawn Kliff Sacal  |  November 11, 2018

Koreans have taken us all by storm, one oppa at a time. Lucratively wholesaled as a pop and beauty regime, South Korea is slowly setting the stage to a fully-flourished fashion scene. Seoul is teeming with designers vying for dominance in the traditional fashion capitals across the world.

With winter coming, SoKor is every minimalist’s epitome of layering. They have mastered the fine art of creativity infused with practicability perfect for this season. Word on the street, it’s all about the proportions and silhouette these layers create.

Our fashion lookbook is definitely taking pointers on how they do it.


A neutral color palette works best in layers. You can go for subtle contrasts or use monochrome as well. It’s not groundbreaking by any sense, but this simple and refined lookthe classics—gives us a big exhale.

Seoul Searching

Incorporating different textures and fabrics will add depth and dimensions to your overall monochrome look. Try mixing things up like wool with silk or leather with cotton. Otherwise, it can look flat and overwhelming.

Seoul Searching

Even layered knits look cool, so long as we keep the individual items in check. Opt for heavier plus lighter, or different lengths and colors to ensure the layers are nicely separated.

Seoul Searching


Duality is the core of K-Fashion. They created the space between formality and playfulness as staple sporty clothes collide with tailoring. Who would ever thought the sartorial suiting of  the 80’s can blend with the hi-tech attitude of the new millennium?

Seoul Searching

Patterns and Prints

Color scheming doesn’t need to be dull. As much as minimalism is associated with neutrals, some of us still want to make a statement. What better way to do that than with a pattern? One subtle pattern, in harmony with your color palette, can be an interesting combination.

Seoul Searching

What seems to be conventionally formal can be toned down with a basic tee. As long as the colors don’t clash!

Seoul Searching

It’s no secret SoKor has the most well-dressed male population swathe in relaxed sophistication. Imitation may be the sincerest form of flattery, but having your own identity is a masterpiece on its own.

Photographer | Brian Mamawan

Stylist | Raine Robo

Grooming | Athena Rosello

Model | Chael

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