‘PROMO LOVE TEAM’: Is Joshua Garcia cheating on Julia Barretto?

By: Jim Reynold Zamora  |  March 14, 2018

Considered as one of the most in demand and most followed love teams in the country, JoshLia already build their strong fan base since their first movie “Vince, Kath and James.” They are consistently making noise in social media for their romantic and classic ‘surprises.’ Apparently, netizens easily related to the rumored couple for their candid and heartfelt gestures to each other.

However, JoshLias’s other half, Joshua Garcia recently made abuzz after a Twitter account user named @danerhea shared an alleged conversation with the young actor. As per the screenshot photo uploaded on Twitter, it can be seen that the 20-year old actor commented on the netizens’ bikini photo through a direct message.

It seems that “The Good Son” actor was captivated by the beautiful shot of the netizen wearing a white one-piece bikini, which generously revealed her back.

“Art photo [thumbs up emoji],” Joshua wrote.

“UHMMM WAIT LANG yes Joshua? Bakit???” the netizen wrote on her Twitter post.

Moreover, another Twitter user account named @cher198 uploaded a longer excerpt from the alleged conversation of the girl netizen and Joshua on messaging app, Messenger.

“Coz theres alot requesting to upload another convo of this lucky girl and joshua. Here’s the last i can give,” the caption read.

Joshua wrote, “Sssshhhh, stop na, change topic, matutulog na ako ng 6 may schedule pa ako bukas.”

“Usap na tayo.”

So taga saan ka?”

Netizen replied, “Laguna.”

Joshua responded, “Layo.”

Netizen continued, “Oo hahahaha pero pag nagkawork na ako baka magdorm ako or maguwian…”

Joshua then told the netizen to accept his friend request on Facebook, “Accept mo muna ako sa fb.”

“Let me know ha, I want to see you.

“Gusto kita makita in person,” he added.

The said post received mixed reactions from netizens and especially from the fans of Joshua and Julia. Some of them are defending the ABS-CBN actor while some of them accused him for cheating on the 21-year old actress.

Here are some of the comments that can be seen on Fashionpulis.com, who uploaded the screenshot photos.

“Kung totoo man yan, sa ganda ni julia ipagpapalit pa sya.. Ang kapal naman ni joshua kung ganun eh ang ganda ganda ni julia for him. Anyway, di naman mawawalan ng admirers si julia. Oh well, boys.”

“Parang fake naman kasi mga promposal ni Joshua at lahat ng dates nila, kasi ba naman lahat ng date ng Joshlia sa bahay ni Julia, wala bang restaurant na mamahalin? nakaka obvious e. Umiba naman ng venue.”

“Edi lumabas din ang totoo na FAKE ang joshlia. Jusko daming sumakay sa promo loveteam na ito hahaha.”

“And this is why you should never believe pda loveteams,why the need to be too touchy in public if what you have is supposed to be real and aunthenthic ? But. I must admit I thought julia will be the one who will doing this not joshua. ..she way too pretty for him..”

“Probably hacked ang account. Pano nyo naman na conclude na sya yan in just few screencaps na pwedeng pwede iedit?”

“Intayin natin ang pa damage control. HAHA bukas mag issue yan either na hacked or di totoo lols. Abangan nyo nadin mga lalabas na sweet photos ng nag loveteam. Wooopssss.”

“I think no need to prove its legitimacy coz we know naman na its legit and as a joshlia fan,naturally,yes,mahirap naman paniwalaan kasi shocking and disappointing naman talaga ang nagawa ng lalake. Kahit ako nga in denial pa nung una kaso it happened already. hindi man lang nagiingat si Guy. kawawa din si Julia. kaka-bday lang.”

“Madami na fake news ngayon. Even that screenshot can be edited. If the ig message is real, medyo artsy si Josh, what if he just wanted to ask how she achieved that light and shadow effect? Let’s give him some benefit of the doubt.”

As of this writing Joshua has not yet released any official statement about the alleged conversation with the girl netizen. If the rumors were true, what will happen to the rumored couple who are being admired by many for their unforced and natural chemistry on and off cam?

Is JoshLia just another promo love team?

What do you think about the issue? Share your thoughts by commenting below!

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