Pantone Welcomes 2019 Full of ‘Optimism and Joyful Pursuits’ with Living Coral

By: Shawn Kliff Sacal  |  December 7, 2018

Imaginative, enigmatic, and dramatically provocative—this year’s Ultra Violet has taken us light years away into the cosmos.

For 2019, Pantone spills its colorful secret: Living Coral. Going for a more therapeutic direction, this color palette stimulates our emotions with its nurturing and nourishing qualities.

Pantone Welcomes 2019 Full of ‘Optimism and Joyful Pursuits’ with Living Coral

Photo Courtesy of Pantone

It’s more than a pretty pink. Living Coral is the sky at dusk and the home of various marine life. This is where comfort meets familiarity.

In a press release, Pantone explains how the onslaught of technology and social media pushes us to seek authentic and immersive experience.

Laurie Pressman, the company’s vice-president, shares the way Living Coral is vivifying yet not so overpowering, bright enough, and engaging. In a time where we dehumanize a lot of things, Pressman urges to remember the human side in us.

“Nature is one of the leading elements in our choice. It speaks to coral reefs. Vibrating coral in the sunset. Some place we’d want to visit. Some of them are endangered. Just like corals nurtures marine life, we want to nurture the color and keep it alive.”

Obviously, they’ve outdone themselves this time. What better way to enable connection and intimacy than being one with the environment?

Pantone Welcomes 2019 Full of ‘Optimism and Joyful Pursuits’ with Living Coral

Photo Courtesy of Pantone

The saturated orange base with its gold undertone is not only warm and welcoming, but versatile and life-affirming.

On the other hand, designers and brands didn’t skip a beat showcasing their own lines with Living Coral this season. Marc Jacobs features the color in their Spring 2019 collection at New York Fashion Week.

Photo Courtesy of Kevin Hagen/Associate Press

Notably, it seems to work across the gender spectrum. Times are changing so does the need to gender-bend and to treat sexuality as complex as our creativity.

As Living Coral conquers a new year, may we be able to cross, even destroy, petty societal stereotypes and boundaries. We’re gearing for a warmer change, let this color be the hug we all receive and give.

The selection process needs careful scrutiny and thoughtful consideration. Spanning a year, Pantone’s experts scour the globe for color influences that gained momentum.

It ranges from film and design, visual arts, fashion, sports, technology, and destinations.

More to providing a universal language of color, Pantone is creating a movement, a call to action if you must.

Considering the degredation and depletion of our natural resources, Living Coral is not just a color of the year but an eye-opener to environmental  threats. Slowly unfolding yet reverberating.

This is a statement worth preaching.

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