Kiko Estrada is ice cool

By: Lord Harvey Monteroso  |  November 9, 2018

Nothing is fiercer than the strike of cold, hard ice. It bites you and freezes you to the core. There is also nothing firmer than its subzero strength. It cools you down and leaves you in a more relaxed state.

Water turning into ice is something of a fascination. Temperature plummets that it solidifies the currents of flowing water. Even in the sky, water turns to ice and falls either silently as snow or hard as hail. But like the iceberg that sunk the Titanic, there is more to ice than meets the surface. A freezing façade hides an even warmer core.

Kiko Estrada

Kiko Estrada’s sculpted physique is a work of the gods, and his chilling stare will leave you frozen on your tracks. Despite his appeal and daunting stature, his heart is right where it should be. The way he speaks about his passion for acting is so smooth and so innate that you’d know he was born to shine. With his air as chill as his outlook in life, he sure is one cold drink for that hot summer day.

Coming from a family of actors, Kiko still feels the pressure but he revels in it. He thinks that pressure is necessary because it motivates him to strive and to do better in what he does. It is clear that he loves his craft and it shows that he is building himself to live to the expectation. At the end of the day, he works hard to make sure that people will remember his name as someone who’s great in acting. Even when he’s fifty years old, he wishes he’d still be in this industry and still enjoying his work.

Kiko Estrada

As an actor, he has aspirations as well. Getting serious roles has been a dream for him. With idols like Al Pacino, Joaquin Phoenix, and Johnny Depp, he wants to project that rough around the edges but pierces through you kind of method acting. These character actors certainly inspire him to create his own image and style. He does not shy away from romantic characters though. He believes that whatever role he’s given, he makes sure he does justice to it.

With a lot of things going on, he still knows how to keep both feet on the ground. He would even trade everything for a simple life. He doesn’t mind not having much, just enough would be good as long as it keeps him afloat. As a kid, he was taught to not depend on luxury and that it would be alright to invest on a lot of things, just as long as these things are what he loves the most.

Kiko Estrada

Kiko is well-aware of the workings of his family with show business and politics on both sides. He emphasizes that he is still young and that he would want to work things slowly and take them as they are. For now, his priority would be his career as he was practically raised in a household that appreciates film and upholds the arts. With a coolness and suave like rebel with a cause, it is with no doubt that acting is his calling.

His collected sense of ideals and his confidence to rise above the sea of expectations are nothing short of appealing. With an old soul that blends well with his cool vibes, he puts frostbite to shame.

Kiko Estrada sends shiver down our spines.

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