The iPhone X: Apple’s 10th Anniversary Gimmick Or Legitimate Flagship?

By: VP Team  |  November 5, 2017

by Villager Edge Buenviaje

We have gotten used to Apple’s annual announcements of their newest iPhones. However, this year’s announcement is different. Aside from the expected iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, Apple launched the iPhone X. The X there being 10 which commemorates iPhone’s 10th anniversary.

So what’s new? Well, there are a lot of innovative features with the iPhone X. Even if some are pre-existing tech from Android, for an iPhone some of the features are firsts.

The first and most glaring change here is the iPhone X’s display. As the trend of bezel-less displays gets more prevalent each day, Apple grasped it and did their own take of it. Although the iPhone X is not bezel-less, the screen ratio is stunning. It covers the whole front of the phone with a 5.8 inch Super Retina Display. It has a small hatch up top that houses a lot of sensors and the front facing camera.

Another thing to take note of is the lack of a home button. The iPhone 7 eliminated the headphone jack and now the X is eliminating the home button altogether. This is to make way for the end to end near bezel-less display. Navigation will now be more gesture based.

In addition to this Touch ID is also now gone which is a bummer in my opinion. However, it is now replaced with an interesting face scanning security feature called Face ID. With this, you just have to hold up the phone in front of your face to unlock your device.  Wicked!

The iPhone X is also housing Apple’s A11 chip which has the Bionic neural engine. This is supposed to help device adapt with you as you use it over time. It is supposed to be learning your habits to help make the user experience seamless. They called this mechanical learning. This also aims to make Face ID work faster over time.


The dual camera setup is still around with two 12 MP sensors with one of them having a telephoto lens for brighter shots. Both sensors also have Optical Image Stabilization that is great for video recording. The selfie camera is a 7 MP sensor with portrait mode that can help blur out the background if need be.

Apple is also adding the Qi Wireless Charging capability to the iPhone X wherein you just have to place it on a charging bay and it will be charging immediately. It also boasts a battery that is promised to have 2 hours more of power than the iPhone 7.

Lastly, it will also sport the LTE Advanced or “5G” connectivity which makes the iPhone X one of the first smartphones to support it.

So is the Apple iPhone X worth the hype? For me, it is. However, with a steep price point of USD 999 for the 64 GB variant, I might think twice before buying it.

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