Pop & Suki Calls Out a Filipino Brand for Copying Their Designs

By: Ramona Nadong  |  October 14, 2018

Starting up a business can be a huge challenge since you want to stand out and make a difference, that’s why when another brand copied a company’s product, they would surely feel disappointed.

Just like what happened with Pop & Suki, an international fashion brand who sells a variety of up-to-date fashion statement, who called out a Filipino brand, Rory and Sloan for copying their design.

On Pop & Suki’s Instagram account, they released a series of Instagram stories addressing the issue.

Image from Cosmopolitan

The first photo they posted was a screenshot of Rory and Sloan’s Instagram account and said: “Sad to see this brand @roryandsloan copying us. Not only have they copied our Camera Bag (in every detail), but also our entire brand, which we’ve worked so hard to build over 3 years…”

The posted several photos from their shop and Rory and Sloan.

Image from Cosmopolitan

Image from Cosmopolitan

Pop and Suki finally explained that ‘taking inspiration from is OK’ since they were inspired by other products too. However what makes a situation ‘demoralizing’ is when someone copies every detail of the product even the campaign and the color scheme. Furthermore, even the words were lifted directly from their website without trying to change it even a tiny bit.

Image from Cosmopolitan

On an article posted by Cosmopolitan, Rory and Sloan released their official statement.

We feel the need to be apologetic today.

We would like to wholeheartedly apologize to Pop & Suki for the similar bag design we recently released.

We do not claim that our bag is 100% an original design as we have admittedly collected different pegs and inspiration from several brands who have similar structures. However, we admit we were remiss in our product development stage as we weren’t able to craft and design a bag completely our own.

We are truly sorry for the distress this may have caused Pop & Suki fans. As a small start-up brand with minimal resources and run by a 3-man team, we will take this situation as a learning experience and strive to be better entrepreneurs as we learn from our mistakes.

However, we do believe that it was completely demoralizing as well, especially for a brand we look up to such as Pop & Suki, to specifically mention our co-founder’s personal account on their social media leading their fans to bully and harass her as they leave threatening comments involving her family and her kids.

As a brand that aims to empower women, we feel that it is also our responsibility to speak out against these kinds of extreme measures that can lead to cyber-bullying. We do believe we can still be called out without resorting to such means.

Rory & Sloan Team

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