INSTAGRAM RAID: Ari Simangan is the sexiest lensman in town

By: Jim Reynold Zamora  |  April 30, 2018

Summer is getting hotter and hotter with the oozing sex appeal of the sexiest lensman in town, Ari Simangan. The 39-year old fashion photographer recently joined the Century Tuna Super Bods Ageless 2018 competition and landed as one of the top five finalists.

With his toned and tattooed body, Ari instantly became the subject of admiration in social media. What makes him more attractive is his undeniable photography skills and fitness discipline.

Hold your breath, girls and gays!

Let’s swoon over Ari’s sexiness through his Instagram posts:

“Thanks to @junar.santos of @toniandguyph for my fabulous hair makeover – going on my fourth week of body transformation since the final call back. My 1 hour of cardio (non stop), HIIT training & circuit training spending 3 hours at the gym NO DAY OFF’s is paying off @chuck_nacho thanks coach! It’s my first time to experience training /working out super hard in my entire life.”

“ARI at ARYA. Age like good wine and have a good time! Visit #aryaplaza.”

“Wanna look Ageless? Hydrate and take care of your skin always.”

“Hi Guys!”

“This summer’s gonna hurt like a mothaf_r  #maroon5 I’m officially back doing my #passion which is #photography let’s work together! I’m honored to have my #portrait taken by my mentor the #iconic #legend Raymund Lontok @lonliwenphotography love you sir!  Also thanking my personal trainer @chuck_nacho for helping me transform my body in just 1 month.” 

“Shot my very first #magazinecover after the competition. Had an amazing set with #missinternational #queen @ahtisa for @fair_magazine (my 2nd cover for Fair) hahaha I forgot to make a video of her dancing like #nancy of #momoland so cute!”

“Taking the shot from another perspective!!! Rock & Roll.”

“I can’t contain my smile here! Because at the age of 39 I did my very first @centurytunasuperbods 3k run. It feels good to get out of my shell and go out in the world and live life to the fullest!”

“one with our 2nd day of rehearsals for @centurytunasuperbods 
Time to bond with Padmé & Vader my #rottweilers probably they miss me too! Because I sure miss them both!!! *I noticed Padmé grew taller.

“During our ultimate challenge at @inflatableisland I made a shoutout encouraging my kababayans from Baguio City to go down to Manila and be more active and participate in activities such as this. To my surprise one @xyxyxyj (James) attended the #underpantsrun2018 in full traditional igorot attire coming all the way from Baguio!!! Yahoo!!! I felt that I achieved something kahit Isa lng nagpunta!!! I was so happy, during the introduction I spoke in ilocano and proudly let everyone know where I came from! “Huwag makalimot sa pinanggalingan.”

“Animals by Maroon 5 playing on my mind #ootd ROCKING my outfit from @zaloraph.”

“Be like a trailblazer. Live to inspire! @chevyphilippines I love the color.”

“What defines us is how well we rise after falling.” Literally nadapa ako sa challenge na ito hahaha.”

“NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE! I’m just a newbie, I started consistently working out last year. 
LEFT: taken during the final call back of @centurytunasuperbods & on the RIGHT: 3 WEEKS AFTER.”

Follow Ari on his Instagram account at and get inspired to start your fitness journey today!


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