Charles Kieron has got the magic in him

By: VP Contributor  |  October 20, 2018

Who else here is falling in love with the newest Wansapanatym episodes? You are not alone! We are also enjoying the cute tandem between Ex-PBB housemate Vivoree Esclito and Charles Kieron! We are hooked on their adorable “best friend” romance!

Charles Kieron is one of the handsome guys from It’s Showtime Hashtags group and we’ve been turning our eyes onto him ever since he started. And now that he’s slowly rising in his acting career, we know for sure that his potential will take him places!

Since their story on the weekend fantasy show includes magic, we want to show you that in real life, Charles can do it too. He can easily charm girls with his good looks!

See for yourselves:

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Such a QT!

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