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Experience wellness in a bottle with the Kombucha Klub

Experience wellness in a bottle with the Kombucha Klub

Now more than ever, health and wellness go above all our priorities. Our daily lives depend on our well-being so we really have to make sure we are getting as many nutrients for our bodies.
Did you know that drinking Kombucha has several benefits? Yes, according to the Journal of Food Microbiology, Journal of Medical Food 2014, and this probiotic tea can actually improve our immune system and do the following:

Detox – High levels of gluconic acid & probiotics found in Kombucha helps get rid of toxins.

Aids Digestion – The presence of probiotics, beneficial acid, and enzymes help improve digestion.

Boosts Energy – Kombucha contains a decent amount of caffeine and B vitamins which increase energy levels

Strengthen Immune System – With a huge amount of antioxidants and vitamin C, kombucha supports the immune system and helps the body fight free radicals. It protects the body against inflammatory diseases.

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Fights Joint Inflammation – Kombucha contains loads of glucosamines that ease joint pain and prevent arthritis.

Sign me up for a subscription to the Kombucha Klub, please! This business concept all started when two sisters who have always sparked an interest in Health and Wellness, recently discovered veganism through several documentaries and found out about how horrible the dairy industry and factory farming are both for the animals and the planet. From then on, they made a huge lifestyle choice.

“I thought to myself — If I really wanted people to stay healthy without consuming any animal product, I have to give them an alternative. Knowing that my sister makes good kombucha, we knew we had to share it with other people. Now we’re not only sisters but also business partners — helping each other to promote healthy living with our homebrewed kombucha!”

Kombucha Klub offers fermented tea that is rich in live probiotics and antioxidants — exactly what the body needs in times of a pandemic.
As a testament to the wonders of Kombucha, their homebrewed kombucha really helped with their own digestive issues like constipation and bloating.

“When we started consuming kombucha, we felt the exact same way how kombucha is supposed to help our body and mind — regular bowel pattern, detoxification, energy boost and mood enhancer. And that’s what we want others to experience as well!”

What truly sets it apart from commercially available kombucha is the fact that they use raw and all-natural ingredients, free from preservatives and no added sugar. Other kombuchas that are available are either too sweet or too tangy that almost tastes like apple cider vinegar.
This one though tastes so much zesty and refreshing! What makes it special is that the owners always put love into brewing as if they are making them for their loved ones.

“Kombucha Klub is committed to boosting your immunity and improving your overall gut health. Our homebrewed kombucha contains the right amount of flavor and fizz whilst providing excellent health benefits. Our preparation starts with UV sterilizing all equipment that will be used for our Kombuchas such as jars and bottles. We then use organic black tea and fresh fruits & herbs during the second fermentation.”

Right now, they have a total of eight flavors, and they have divided them into two selections: The Main and Premium flavors.
Main Flavors are priced P150 per 350ml bottle and are available in Zesty Ginger, Ginger Glow, Wondermelon, Basil Primeapple, and Sweet Manilla.
On the other hand, the Premium Flavors include Luscious Lychee, Skinny Moscow Mule, and our personal favorite, the Captivating Cranapple for P180 per 350ml bottle.
Delivered in an aesthetic packaging, you get to compliment your health and your social media feed at the same time!
Join us as we opt for wellness in the Kombucha Klub. Visit their Instagram here!
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