Everything we know about the Michelle Dy-Anna Cay Issue

By: Badet Macaraig  |  August 9, 2018

By now, you have probably heard of the rift between Filipina Youtubers and Beauty Vloggers Michelle Dy and Anna Cay. To those who need a play-by-play of what REALLY happened, below is a timeline for you.


  1. A Facebook user who goes by the name of Faby Casimiro allegedly commented on Michelle Dy’s Facebook post. “We all know [that] you are the one who bullied Ms. Anna Cay recently,” wrote Casimiro
  2. Someone sent a screenshot of said comment to Dy, who then messaged Anna Cay. On a screenshot photo of their conversation — which Michelle Dy posted just today, August 2018 — Dy asked Cay regarding the bullying comment.
  3. Cay confirmed that she indeed posted something, however, the youtuber also clarified that she “did not drop any name on [her] post,” to which Dy replied “Omg, people assumed [it was me].”
  4. Dy asked Cay to share what her issues were, to which Cay politely declined, saying that “she [doesn’t] want to talk about it as people are spreading rumors and [she doesn’t] want to be included in any drama.” Cay also  mused about the possibility of someone putting them against each other.
  5. During the abovementioned conversation, Cay shared that a certain Michelle Dy personally messaged her and “told [her] harsh stuff.” Dy denied, saying that “[she] never goes around messaging people [and] telling them what to do,” adding “why would I do that to you?”
  6. Still through Direct Message on Instagram, Dy asked for Cay to “make a statement that [they’re] clear,” but Cay denied her request, saying that “[she] wouldn’t make a statement because [she] did not tag anyone.” Cay clarified that she does not want people to think that she is dramatic and that it’s not her thing to be melodramatic on social media.
  7. The conversation ended on a seemingly good note, with Cay thanking Dy for bringing the issue up. She also assured Dy that “it’s all better!” to which Dy replied “All the best! See you around.”


  1. Michelle Dy posts a screenshot of her conversation with Anna Cay, saying that she “just [wants] to clarify something that happened 2 years ago.” Dy even went as far as recording her phone activities to show that she does not have any Facebook message to Cay.
  2. But why just now? Dy ended her explanation by saying that she just wants to “clarify her side.”
  3. With fans confused as to why Dy would post screenshots of a seemingly resolved issue, many waited for Cay’s official statement – and she did not disappoint.
  4. In her twitter account, Cay ranted to her followers:

“Akala ko okay na lahat after nung convo pero bakit may mga parinig pa after? Akala ko ba wala kang issue sakin? Dinamay mo pa isang youtuber na ka-collab mo. O screenshots lang kailangan mo? Kahit ganon, may narinig ba kayo sakin? KAHIT ISA, WALA. Nananahimik ako hoping na tumigil kayo. Bakit hanggang ngayon kahit wala akong kinalaman sa issue nyo kay Jeffrey Star, nada-drag pa rin ako? Sabi niyo viewers may kasalanan? May sari-sariling sip ang tao. Kung may pinagdadaanan kayong issue, I sincerely wish you well. But please naman, wag nyo akong gamiting pantakip sa issue nyo. Kasi kahit kelan, never kitang inattack in any way or pinagsabihan ng masama. Don’t use my screenshots Mamshie. That’s so 2016.”

[I thought everything is well after our conversation, but why are there hints [on the issue]? I thought you have no issues against me? You even asked a fellow Youtuber to join you. Do you need screenshots? Even if that’s the case, have you heard anything from me? NOT EVEN ONE. I stayed quiet hoping you guys will stop. Why am I still dragged to your issue with Jeffrey Star, even if I had nothing to do with it? You said that it’s the viewers’ fault? [Well], people can think on their own. If you are going through something, I sincerely wish you well. But please, do not use me to cover your issue up. I never attacked you or said something terrible about you. Don’t use my screenshots, Mamshie. That’s so 2016.]


According to the screenshots, it seems like Dy and Cay last spoke to each other 2 years ago. But why is their conversation resurfacing now? Both parties have not commented on this matter, however, some fans believe that this may have something to do with Cay’s launch of her own make up line and online app as well as Dy’s recent issue involving Jeffrey Star.

As of writing, both Michelle Dy and Anna Cay have not released follow up statements on the issue.

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