Every Child Deserves a Thumbs Up for that Good Act

By: VP Team  |  January 5, 2018

The belief that goodness is innate in every child inspires the preschool, LITTLE PRESIDENTS LEARNING PALACE (LPLP) to engage all their students in the program “Thumbs Up for that Good Act” which aims to develop awareness of the goodness that each child possesses can be manifested through actions.

The project starts by candidly capturing any good act that manifests values and virtues being done by the child in school. Teachers are encouraged to express words of appreciation identifying the specific good acts. In addition, photos are taken and properly labeled with captions, these are then displayed on bulletin boards to remind students of such positivity.

Parents are also encouraged to do the same activity at home to let the child know that good acts are welcomed everywhere and for the child to recognize that his good gestures both at home and in school are noticed. Thereby giving the child an affirmation which inspires more good actions.

Creating opportunities for them to do good is also helpful. With this in mind, the school recently culminated a fund-raiser for Marawi victims in partnership with Radio Television Malacanang (RTVM). Families of students were all encouraged to take part in donating to the cause. It is also important to explain to the children that this is done to aid our fellowmen in crisis.

LPLP also held a gift-giving activity with their students at Hospicio De San Jose which gave the students the opportunity to share to the kids in the hospice.

Through these noble projects, the school is hopeful to inculcate the three core values (Respect, Responsibility, and Resourcefulness) and other virtues to our pupils that is aligned to the school’s Mission-Vision in “Shaping Tomorrow’s Leaders Today”!

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