‘ETHIOPIAN PROPS’: Billy Crawford and Coleen Garcia draw flak over controversial pre-nup shoot

By: Jim Reynold Zamora  |  March 11, 2018

These days, prenuptial shoot became a part of the whole wedding celebration, especially for celebrity couples. Every couple put huge efforts to achieve their desired outputs with their chosen theme and style. Wedding is once in a lifetime experience, thus making it “extra” would suffice the romantic celebration of their new life together.

Filipino engaged couple Billy Crawford and Coleen Garcia had their pre-nuptial shoot in Ethiopia featuring divine couture collection and picturesque landscapes. The couple aesthetically created a glossy and regal sequel of their almost 5-year old relationship.

However, it seems that not everyone was pleased to see the photos of the couple. Some part of the output stirred up arguments in social media, calling it ‘insensitive.’

A Facebook user named Rachel Ravana expressed her disapproval in the said pre-nuptial shoot as it unconsciously treated the Ethiopian women and children as mere “props.’

“I don’t think we should all admire a prenup photo shoot making background props out of Ethiopian women & children. These photos are heartbreaking & enraging at the same time. I understand that prenup photo shoots get so extra these days but to this extent?” she wrote.

As of this writing, the post already reached 15, 000 likes and more than 10, 000 shares online. While some of them defended the chosen concept of the Kapamilya couple, some perceived it as ‘master-and-slave’ kind of message.

In a report written by CNN Philippines, photographer Oly Ruiz answered ‘insensitive’ remarks of netizens.

“We talked to these people and even asked permission. It’s actually offensive for people to interpret them as props… Why slaves? Because they are Africans? Dapat ba pinag gown din namin sila? (Should we have made them wear gowns?) These people are beautiful, how they are shot is how they are in real life, if you see them as slaves then I feel bad for you,” he explained.

The said series of photos were uploaded in Metro Style however upon checking, the post appeared to have been taken down.


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