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Today is Wednesday, November 14, 2018

#VPUniversity: DLSU's Daniella Banzon maintains balance between academics and modeling career

By: Althea Kalalo  |  June 28, 2018
"If you want something, why not go for it? What's there to lose? Everyday is a second chance." - Daniella Banzon, DLSU film student and model ...

#VPUniversity: SBU's JB Suarez is profoundly laudable, empowers his brand through resolute influence

By: Jim Reynold Zamora  |  June 1, 2018
"I envision a society where you can be comfortable and confident by showing who you are without fear of being judged, discriminated, or mocked. ...

#VPUniversity: DLSAU's Gibran Karl Alonzo breeds extraordinary anecdote of a justified champ

By: Jim Reynold Zamora  |  May 29, 2018
"I want to become a successful Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, to have my own veterinary clinic para marami akong matutulungan na animals. ...

#VPUniversity: FEU's Ian Pablo embodies pure and sounding dedication for his craft, clasping with passion and virtues

By: Krissa Lara Amiel Toldanes  |  May 23, 2018
"We need to learn and educate ourselves on how to adapt and tolerate each other’s differences." - Frances Ian Andre Pablo #VPUniversity features ...

#VPUniversity: PUP's Ianne Gamboa is fluidly admirable, reflects modified benevolence of her brand

By: Jim Reynold Zamora  |  May 14, 2018
"What makes me significant is my passion for excellence. Especially, as a transwoman, my pursuit of excellence would make me relevant in whatever ...

#VPUniversity: TAU's Roldan Pagaduan is the strong and awe-inspiring 'guy in the wheelchair'

By: VP Team  |  May 10, 2018
"Never doubt yourself! Everyone is capable of reaching dreams as long as you take an action. Don't let your circumstances define your worth. ...

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