#VPTech: Will “Pistachio” be the official name for the next Android version?

By: Matthew Cuyugan  |  July 12, 2018

For every Android update, Google tries to keep the final name for its operating system to be secret for as long as possible. However, an employee at Huawei could have thwarted Google.

Based on a conversation with the Polish support of the Chinese manufacturer, the next version of the operating system will be called “Android Pistachio.” At the same time, however, there are reports that this name should only be used as an internal code name.

The detail should be leaked as the answer of the manufacturer to the owner of a Huawei P9 Lite mini. The user wanted to know if the smartphone will receive an update to Android 9.0. As part of this conversation, an employee of Huawei is said to have referred to the name “Android Pistachio”.

Whether “Pistachio” will really be the final name of Android 9.0 may still be doubted. On the one hand, the manufacturer’s support is not necessarily the surest source of such details, on the other hand, it is questionable whether Google has ever informed its partners about the official name.

The final confirmation, we will therefore only learn when Google introduces the finished version of Android P next fall.

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