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What is VPLUG?

VPLUG is a web-based video blog with Brand Ambassador that promotes thru the various social media channels and can be used by the brand for product and services promotional purposes, it comes in print, online (, social media promotion plus mobile with exclusive content a new medium that will become the future of advertising and alternative way of promoting brands.

Advantages of VPlug

1.     Instant Video Material for your brand

2.     Indirect Endorsement without acquiring endorser

3.     Be seen at the most popular Social Media Platforms: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!

4.     Unlimited reach potential thru the online and Social Media!

5.     Decrease in Marketing cost!


Village Pipol

Print and Online Magazine

Village Pipol is the 1st FREE Travel, Lifestyle and Entertainment print and online
publication in the Country, established in 2006. We also combine Traditional and New
Media by integrating Social Media as the tool communicating largest groups to promote
and share information. Village Pipol is also Awarded by ASIA PASIFIC EXCELLENCE
AWARD for most Innovative Online Publication last 2008.


The VP Squad

Bloggers & Influencers

Villagers is a hub designed to make it easier for Bloggers, Influencers and Brands to connect and collaborate. We made it super easy to find
the right brand and the right collaboration for every Bloggers in all industries their audience. We’ve made it our goal to specialize in the
identification and engagement of the metro’s leading and most up to date Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle Bloggers.We allow Bloggers to
grow audiences, reach more followers and enable them to become more influential and create more value from their digital content.

We connect Bloggers with Brands based on their specific requirements, taking the guesswork and time out of blogger outreach. What’s
more, new blogger talent is emerging daily, making it difficult for Brands and Agencies to remain on top of who’s who’ and ‘who’s new’. Our
Village makes it easier for Brands to identify and connect with new talent as soon as that talent emerges. In our village our mission is
simple… ” We make it easier and more efficient for Bloggers and Brands to connect and Collaborate to reach new audiences”.


Meet the VP Team

Richard S. De Quina


Gwyn Crisostomo


Josh Austria
PR & Advertising Manager

John Luke Chica

Frame Rivas
Layout Artist

Jim Zamora
Managing Editor

Lara Toldanes
Junior Writer

Matthew Cuyugan
Tech Writer

Badet Macaraeg
Contributing Writer

Althea Kalalo
Contributing Writer